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Great stuff!

saved by dogs

That is a brilliant marketing plan - follow up with people showing an interest in helping - I would think they'd be impacted by the picture of another cute/in need animal.

Jackie Bouchard

Hey! That's where I volunteer! They do a lot of fun things with their marketing and are always tying adoptable dogs/cats to whatever is going on in the news, especially the local news. Some of the things, like this story, obviously strike a bigger chord. Such a sweet story! Who doesn't love a cross-species romance?!


I live about 5 miles from this shelter, but I haven't been there yet. It sounds like a great place, and I'm so happy to see them featured on your site.


Agree - great marketing - kudos to them for being so creative!


Did they not go to the same home? It seems cruel to split them up.


Must've been one hell of an essay.


Yes, they wouldn't consider anyone who wouldn't take both.


love...can't beat it.

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