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sweet girl...glad she was found and hope she gets a forever home...


It restores my faith in humanity to hear stories like this, and I think we all need to hear feel good stories at times!


The goodness of people here in the US goes beyond the bounds of wonder....as in...people are more than wonderful. And what a lovely little dog.


Thank goodness for stories such as this one. It renews my faith in humanity as well.

Jackie Bouchard

I wish all the trolls and neanderthals would move to another planet, but sadly we are stuck with them. What a sweet baby. So glad those folks could help her! (Speaking of troll/neanderthal... I'm sure that applies to her former owners...)


Agree - great story - thanks for sharing.

Donna O.

That is so awesome. I don't understand it though, when our cat - Cinder - got caught about three feet down inside our cinderblock wall, the "humane" society we contacted told us to drown him and put lime over him to cover the smell. :-(

Needless to say, my husband got out a hammer and a chisel and that's how we got stuck with another cat. LOL!

Dogs N Pawz

So glad she is okay. Hope she finds a wonderful forever home!

Dennis the Vizsla

hello jan its dennis the vizsla dog hay sumtimes peepul suck and sumtimes they do not!!! this is a not time!!! wel eksept for hooever dumpd her their and i do no a thing or too abowt beeing dumpd!!! ok bye


I wish more communities would work towards rescuing animals in this fashion.

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