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This was another disappointing year for peta and the sled dog coalition with no dog deaths once more as usual.

Jackie Bouchard

Love the Iditarod and love how much those fabulous athletes enjoy it. So nutty. If the dogs were starved, they wouldn't have the energy to run!


If only I could be half that athletic!

Dogs N Pawz

Great post! Such amazing dogs and so beautiful!


Those are amazing facts...and they look so happy!


Imagine if humans could eat a high fat meal, get a runner's high, take a nap and do it all again, with more strength and endurance each time and without gaining weight. ...

Arrr actually they can, and you have pretty much perfectly described how I feel when I go cycle touring.... but things like work get in the way. And of course with high impact exercise like marathon running you get wear and tear on your joints so I guess that happens to the dogs too.


Of course dog do have the advantage of spreading the stress to four legs instead of two and of not having back injuries as much as humans have.

M. K. Clinton

You can tell how much the dogs are enjoying themselves. Humans....I don't understand them sometimes.
Bark More, Growl Less Barking from the Bayou!


It's good to have a veterinarian weigh in on the topic. I know people that are so against this race (I personally don't know enough about it to argue either side) and other people that are for it.

In my opinion if the dogs love it and are well cared for, I'm not sure I could object to it. Of course, as with anything there is always the possibility of an unsavory human and it is usually that one person that becomes the story.


Boomer and I (Fuzzy is too old) need to sign up to run...we could stand to lose some weight and gain some speed.



Those sled dogs are so lucky because unlike most dogs they actually have a dog to do. So interesting how they're able to run so far! The dogs in the pic sure look happy.


I think if the dogs didn't like it they wouldn't run.

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