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In my world.....George and Dorothy Kimmel would be frozen to the ground.

Animals cruelty just doesn't seem like a strong enough charge.


A lovely ending to the story but what horrible people the former owners were!


Good! I hope they have to spend a week in a meat locker stuck in one spot and frozen to the floor by their own feces.

❤⊱彡 Linda


So glad Peanut is OK. I'm glad his story got a lot of attention. Let's hope it encourages some people to go out and adopt.

Roxy the traveling dog

I agree, freeze them to the ground. Such a happy ending though!


AWwww lucky little dog! Hopefully all those people who wanted to adopt a celebrity dog went out and adopted other dogs instead :P


I'd like to make the Kimmels lick a flagpole and let them stay there. I'm glad Peanut's life is better now. Poor thing.


I'm taking up donations to pay for my bus trip to Indiana so I can kick the shit out of them assholes.


Some things, I can't imagine. Cannot conceive. I'm glad Peanut is all right, and safe in a happy loving home now.

Dogs N Pawz

I can't even begin to imagine. How could anybody be so cruel as to leave their dogs outside in the cold like that. Unbelievable! So glad Peanut found a loving forever home.

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