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that makes me laugh..

Pamela | Something Wagging This Way Comes

Maybe next year NOAA will buy a copy of the Farmer's Almanac.

As for me, I'd rather not know. :)


Lol - I'd noticed this too. I've long held the Almanac is more accurate than the poor weather forecasters who populate TV and radio. Go Almanac!


So these are the jokers who are predicting global warming in the next decades and cant get it right for one year. What a scam and waste of our money.


Excellent!For some reason that has me just grinning from ear to ear.


I love how modern technology tries to trump the tried and true. The FA has been accurate forever, why do they even keep trying? LOL


Snow up north in winter... who couldn't have guessed? It's why I live in Florida.


Yep, I like the Woolly Bear prediction and the Farmer's Almanac the most!


Ruckus the Eskie

EEk! Winter time dread. It started to rain (finally!)yesterday here. I know I'm spoiled in CA.


I really enjoy the blog post. Great. fadggdbeddcdkdad

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