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Pamela | Something Wagging This Way Comes

All the training and socialization that service dogs undergo is never wasted. If only everyone would raise their puppies to similar standards.

So glad Pesto had a happy ending story. It sounds like he ended up right where he belonged.


What an incredible story. I like to believe that everything happens for a reason, and I think Pesto knew what his future held!

saved by dogs

Thank you so much for sharing this story! Pesto was perfectly prepared for where he was needed.


I got chills just reading this! I, for one-and I know there are others--believe/know that animals think and feel and have game plans! I'm so happy for everyone and the Pesto!



Failure is a state of mind. Pesto obviously knew what no-one else did. They are so smart, aren't they?


This is a heart melting story. I think I have something in my eye,


that is such a beautiful story ...I see a lifetime made for tv movie there..

better lama lama pig bang then pants and boots and pants and boots and pants and boots...omg...I wake up in the middle of the night muttering boots and pants..sigh&*

Jackie Bouchard

What a sweet story. So happy Pesto ended up right were he belongs! Good doggy!

Ruckus the Eskie

Your posts are so deep and well written! Thank you for sharing this beautiful story.


Tears to my eyes as I read about Pesto and his boys. What a gift this dog is...thank you for sharing.


Love this tale about Pesto, it just makes you happy. It is a good reminder that sometimes we need to change where we were going, to be where we should be. Thanks.

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