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COOL!!! You are so right!!!


BJ Pup

The Skeleton is very scary. I keep thinking their chin will hit the ice. I love watching the figure skating. Last night's ice dancing was just beautiful to watch. I like all of the other sports and still can't understand the fascination with curling.

BJ liked the Giant S.


She is right. There is nothing cool about curling.


I have fallen totally under the spell of curling. I must do a post on curling.


Ha ha ha! You know what, if I got the chance to try it, I would totally go for it! I was a wicked sledder as a kid and I have never completely reformed from being a daredevil!

saved by dogs

Lol, yup - everyone was right - you CAN move faster it seems, if you sled like a bobsledder - sounds like you kept the adults on their toes :-)


Who knew something we did as kids could become a sport at the Olympics? These athletes amaze me.


now this is a wtf sport

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