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Too bad it's not better publicized.


Thanks for giving curling it's props!!!
I grew up in Canada and I remember when I first encountered the game I was surprised - and confused. But it is addicting and there is a spot in my heart that will always belong to Canadian curlers no matter where I live :-)


Way to go, Canada!


Dennis the Vizsla

hello jan its dennis the vizsla dog hay dada tels me bak in the mithikal land of noo york in the mithikal sitty of utica they had an akchooal club devoted to the art of curling!!! he has never playd it or gawn to see it himself but he sez it always reeminds him of shuffleboard on ice with pucks wot ar big and hevvy enuf to squash yore fut if yoo ar not kayrful!!! ok bye

Dr. Liz

My husband managed to find a bunch of hours of curling on some obscure NBC channel, and we watched a lot of it. While we love the alpine and nordic ski racing, and the biathalon (ooooh.... I SO love the biathalon), we also love watching curling. I have a feeling it is quite a bit more difficult than it looks - which is why we've never ventured up to the 'cube' in Ogden (where they held the curling events for the 2002 Olympics in Salt Lake City) to try it. Yet.


Didn't catch much of the Olympics this year, but I did see some curling and, thanks to my husband, a little hockey. That's it.

We did, however, review the events of the Kerrigan/Harding Olympics because my daughter watched a documentary and asked us what we remembered.

I would've preferred to watch more curling than review all that ice skating drama.


I am addicted...I love it, all though I did have a weird moment, when I was in kitchen and heard women screaming 'hard,hard, hard.'

Donna O.

I have to admit...I'm still one of the WTF? people.


I'm with Donna. I'm still one of those WTF? people too. :-)

Jackie Bouchard

We watched a ton of Olympics, but not a whole lot of curling, I must admit. I find it more fun to play than to watch. (The hubs is Canadian, so when we lived in Canada briefly, of course we had to go curling! The hubs said there's a huge bonspiel curling party for that national championship every year that is a ton of fun. Putting visiting that on our bucket list.)

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