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saved by dogs

Oh my goodness - it boggles my mind (I live in a very northern climate - I can't get my rescued Chihuahua to even go outside for more than 30 seconds these days.)

So sad that people are just dumping these little guys. I can imagine they will become a real health concern if they continue to breed.


Oh dear lord... one of worst nightmares. Thank goodness I don't live there. It sounds horrible, but if some chihuahuas came at me there'd be some punting going on.


Whose name and why won't you name her?


Hotel heiress.... Tinkerbell's owner...


I know this is serious business and a real problem, but the pictures it brings to my mind.......


Packs of dogs are a real problem, no matter how small the dog is.


Jackie Bouchard

Goodness, poor things! Certainly not the norm to see dogs just roaming the streets in US cities. Geez.


I read about this too, it's so sad that people just dump dogs.


Easier said than done is right! How are you going to catch a tiny little dog who is super fast - and intent on nipping you? I have to wonder, too, if rabies is a concern...

Sue St Clair

When I first saw this in the news I thought it was a joke. How sad that people abandon these wee creatures. Reminds me why I often prefer my dogs to other people .. :(


jeez..I see a new movie for Sy/fy...killer chihuahua's from Arizona.

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