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i like that some of our olympians adopted and saved a bunch of the dogs


The dogs were only one of three or four issues I heard of surrounding these winter games. But you are right, wherever there is good, evil is certain to exist. And yet, despite the controversies people rose above them. It is what keeps us watching those 'games.' To watch the Skeleton rider fall off his sled but manage to hold on and to right himself to finish his run, the figure skater who falls but gets up and finishes his routine.

In truth, it is the triumph of the human spirit which keeps us watching. No matter what happens, there will be at least one in the crowd that rises above, and that's what it is all about.


OH and thanks so much for joining the blog hop!! I didn't see your link before. :-)


The olympics are great, but I kind of gave up watching them many years ago - I wish there was less politics surrounding them.

2 brown dawgs

Thanks so much for joining Barks and Bytes. I just could not get into Olympics. Actually the last few have held no interest for me. On the whole the Olympics became not as interesting when they added in all the professionals and the tv stations stopped carrying the entire event.


The only time I ever watch any games on a sustained basis was when I interned at a local TV station. :P

But it's true those athletes are winners for long years of dedicated hard work just to get there in the first place.

Hello to you ;)


Very well said, Jan!


BJ Pup

I like to watch the Olympic events. Some events are beautiful to watch and some are exciting. In any case the athletes are inspiring in their dedication to their sport and the training it takes to be the best.

They deserve to be acknowledged.

Donna O.

I didn't realize there was so much controversy surrounding the Olympics. I had heard a bit about the dogs being brought back, but never really followed up on it. :-(

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