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That dog is just as good if not better than Lassie!!!

¸.•*¨*•♪♫♫♪Merry Christmas ♪♫•*¨*•.¸¸♥

Jen @MyBrownNewfies

I have stopped before and I would do it a million times more, but I've never had this happen!

What a wonderful dog and man:)


I always stop for running dogs on the road, but I've very aware of not chasing them.... as repeated chasing of a loose dog just makes them more suspicious of people trying to help them - making them harder to catch.

i hope the dogs were looked after when their owner was taken to hospital!


A friendly neighbor is watching the dogs.

Khyra's Mom

I've stopped - and pursued one of those - ummmm hard to catch breeds -

Perhaps you've heard of them: SIBERIAN HUSKY?

I had a fresh pizza - and on a 90+ summer day, Darby was FINALLY lured to the leash by pizza bones!

Brought her home to meet Khyra - took her to a friend's for the night - and was able to reunite her after finding her listing on Craig's List -

I ALWAYS look - and would do it again - always have an extra leash in The Zen-terra -

Khyra's Mom

Sherry in MT

Bravo Mr. Fox and indeed it would be wonderful if we were all so observant!


That's amazing!! Dogs are so smart. I would stop and I know you would too!


WOAH. What a story. What a good boy!

Pamela | Something Wagging This Way Comes

We've captured and returned loose dogs several times. Luckily they were never loose because their person was injured.

Good for that man for taking time to help that dog and his person.


That's a great story. I love the happy ending.

We had a pit bull puppy that came into our yard not too long ago. My girls fell in love with him, but we knew we had to find his home. My husband took all of the dogs for a walk the next day and this little guy kept pulling towards a house. My husband finally went to the house and, sure enough, he belonged there. They were happy to have him back.


I live not far from where this took place. Very smart man to follow the dog and smart dog with dog companion keeping their owner as warm as possible. Thank you for sharing.

Jefferson Fox

Thanks everyone. Was a blessing to be able to help. Cici the dog did all the hard work.


Not everyone would have done what you did. Thanks on behalf of the world.

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