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BJ Pup

Shannon is doing such a good deed for these dogs. The fact that 67 dogs that were passed over got adopted because of her photographs says that these dogs can be adopted when they are shown in a favorable light.

Bravo, Shannon

Sherry in MT

Love love LOVE that idea. I may have to steal it for our shelter. I used to go to the shelter and do shots for their webpage but they were all in and around the shelter - not in cages but still.


Those commercials depress me for the rest of the day but now they will just make me mad,


Those commercials do work via guilt (which I hate) instead of using Shannon's happy approach (which I love.)

I have three cats and two dogs, two of the cats are rescues and so is one of the dogs. In all cases, it has been the pet itself that endeared itself to our family and not some guilt-trip, money-grubbing commercial.


Okay...I'm officially a sucker. Before I read it, I took one glance at the photos and thought...I'd want to adopt that poor pup all the way to the right. He looks so sad...


People are so shallow! same thing with our rescue, if the pic is good dog will get lots of enquiries, if the pic is not so good, dog will be ignored!


I have wondered about that group...those commercials are just horrible. Breaks my heart, but I know that our shelters here (we have three) work very hard to NOT have sad animals. I for one know I do!

¸.•*¨*•♪♫♫♪HAPPY NEW YEAR ♪♫•*¨*•.¸¸♥

Simply Col

More and more rescue people are recognizing the value of a good photo. Thank goodness. This story is very dear to my heart.

Sue at Talking Dogs

Agree with the others - so glad shelters and rescues are teaming with photographers for really good photos of the dogs needing homes. I no longer can watch the TV commercials or look at the FB photos that are intended to break my heart.


I dont like aspca or peta


First question I would want the dog in the far right photo. Why? Because I'm a saver, and I would take the most pathetic looking dog I could find. :-)

Second, I change the channel when those f*cking commercials come on. In fact when I hear "In the eyes of an angel" you can be sure the very next words you'll hear in my house regardless of where I am is, "CHANGE THE CHANNEL."

They are parasites.

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