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The Volvo commercial was past epic - my hubby and I have watched it several times in amazement.

Monty and Harlow


We kept seeing about the dog who ate the homework but never had time to read it so this was shocking. Chocolate and straight pins - not good for the dog or digestion. Must have been a mighty sick dog.

Better not comment on the woman and the dog in the ziplock bag.

Pamela | Something Wagging This Way Comes

Yep, some great picks here.

BTW, I heard that JCVD perfected his split to get low enough to feed treats to chihuahuas. :)


I'm glad Snell was charged with a felony. What a sick thing to do.

Jackie Bouchard

Excellent awards. Wish I could put that woman in a ziploc bag... (oh, was that out loud??) And, yes, JCVD looks totally kick-ass holding that chi! :)


Good God, what a lineup! I can't imagine how that dog survived, but then I remember the dog I had as a child who was fond of Brillo pads and broken fluorescent lightbulbs. Dogs are truly amazing creatures.


I had missed the story of Reggie...but am so not surprised. Great awards, as always!

I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving!


YES!!! Mary Snell is award worthy!



Perfect choices (as always!)

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