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BJ Pup

Poor Lupo. But, it's better that she not come to gatherings that to be tormented by the corgis.

Pamela | Something Wagging This Way Comes

Well it's good that they're trying to avoid an incident. But I wonder if anyone has worked with those corgis to help them be less reactive to visitors?

Why don't the gossip magazines answer the questions I have about the royals? :)


uh oh..waiting for the first time one of them bites the baby..William will kill them...


Sheesh! They sound like rather uppity little devils!


Yikes! You would think that with the ability to work with some of the worlds top dog trainers/behaviorists that this could be resolved.

It's great that they were thinking ahead and avoided conflict, but with how those dogs are in the spotlight you would think this wouldn't be an issue.


I get the sense from other things I've read about them that the Corgis pretty much have the run of whatever palace the queen is living at the time and she isn't much of a disciplinarian at her age. 

It does seem like she could hire a trainer to teach them better manners.


I thought the Queen was an excellent dog trainer. I guess she's gotten lax in her old age.


I'll bet it would be any dog, if they had MY PALACE MY RULES as their guide. Now, having said that I have never had a Corgis in my life so I don't know if they are hard to manage or not.


Jackie Bouchard

Wow, that's so funny. I would have thought the queen would have pups with perfect manners. This makes me feel better about Rita not really welcoming visitors either. :)

Pat F.

At least the Queen is being proactive. I'm sure the Duke and Duchess can find someone to care for Lupo during their holiday visit.


Too bad she doesn't rule her roost with the iron fist she uses to rule her kingdom. :-)

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