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Pamela | Something Wagging This Way Comes

So the NSA knows when I scratch my dog's butt but information can be erased from a microchip company's database?

I'm not sure I understand. Is the information wiped out of the database when a family ends their subscription. The microchip company collects its money up front. I can't see why they would wipe information off their records.


I'm thinking like Pamela! That is the oddest thing...who would delete that sort of information at the home center?



Hmm... I hate to be cynical, but it sounds like the family did it on purpose? So sad for that pup either way.

Roxy the traveling dog

I would have to think the family did it on purpose. What a horrid thing!!

Jen @MyBrownNewfies

well how could someone go in and delete it from the database? I can see how someone could delete the information from their account but not the database, that should be protected. Weird.


It's a mystery alright, but who is the culprit?


Very suspicious. Sadly, I'm guessing the old owners did it. :-(

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