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Dexter doesn't care about my face..it's the hands with the thumbs that interest's him..long as he gets fed, he could care less.


From observation I have to say yes...Gizmo will ignore hundreds of folks walking past on the path across the street from our house, but spot (or hear the jangling tags) a dog and he's barking


When we ride in the car my dogs never bark at people but if there is one dog walking down the street they go nuts. This is another case where dogs are smarter than we thought. They can definitely recognze another dog just by sight.


Interesting - like what John said, my guys notice other dogs when riding in the car and perk right up...but then they react like that to cats and bunnies too :)

Pamela | Something Wagging This Way Comes

That's an interesting test. Honey doesn't usually respond to still pictures of dogs on the computer at all. But she does respond to moving dogs. I'd love to see video of those tests.

On the other hand, every dog I've ever walked has stopped to sniff the dog statue a neighbor has behind her steps. It obviously doesn't smell like a dog. But everyone recognizes it as a dog.

As for smarter than space aliens? I don't know if they're smarter but I'm betting their a whole lot cuter.


It would be interesting to see if unsocialized dogs could do the same test. Do dogs *know* what "dog" looks like, or do they *learn and remember* what "dog" looks like?

Pam and The Wieners

Yes, they absolutely do recognize dogs as dogs and not well... something else. Just like they most definitely recognize cats to be cats! How, I don't know... I just chalk it up to dogmagic.
But what a really interesting test to show dogs pictures of dogs and non-dogs on a computer screen. I don't think my dogs register much of what goes on in 2-D. I'm sure I could put a big image of a dog on my screen, show it to them, and it would just look at it like it's a blank wall. I mean, they might be registering *something* in their fuzzy little brains, but nothing they would outwardly indicate. They do not indicate that they recognize dogs on tv unless they hear howls or barks, and even then, the sounds need to be very realistic. So just to know that there are dogs out there looking at computer screens and making sense of 2-D images is awesome!


Such an interesting test. From observations of my guys, I can confidently say they know dog from non-dog. They also know other animals from humans - like, when they've encountered a horse, for instance, they didn't act like he was dog or human. It definitely shows a level of intelligence that we sort of take for granted!


I say yes, or pretty close to it. The reason I say this is that Medi does not like my mom's shepherd Kayla. Once, in obedience school, a man walked in with a female shepherd that looked A LOT like Kayla, and Medi kept giving it a cold stare (like she would do with Kayla) - so much so that I had to keep turning her away from it so she wouldn't start trouble.

She has not done this with any other dog at school before or since, so that makes me think that she at least "thought" she recognized Kayla. :-)

Sherry in MT

I think most species recognize their own, otherwise think of the crazy things we'd see being created! Yikes! Oh wait.... LOL


Elka in fact seems rather perplexed by other dogs. I think most normal dogs recognize other dogs, though.


What a fascinating question. I'm not sure, but perhaps they can smell the fact that they're all descend from wolves and there's some recognition at a subconscious level of that.


We Sibes are known to be breed snobs :-)

As fur rekhongizing others, I so do - I even know where they live and do my best khoy girl fluffy tail shake as I pass!



I'm convinced my dogs know. They know when a dog is walking down the street, they know when we pass a dog on being walked on the street. They don't bark at the squirrels, but they bark at the dogs. It's proof enough in my mind.

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Do dogs recognize other dogs as dogs? - The Poodle (and Dog) Blog

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