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Jan, this was too funny! And too true!! :-)


Not sure where our Doberman fits in that scheme, but even though our German Shepherd is a working dog, I feel that they're both our companions. They live inside the house with us and if we go outside without them, they whine and cry.

And BTW, if you were to motion for them to come and sit on your lap, they wouldn't hesitate to do so... 104 lbs and 83 lbs of crushing lapdog.

Dennis the Vizsla

hello jan its dennis the vizsla dog hay this is a grayt tribyoot to wurking kompanyun dogs!!! it reeminds me of the klassik budwizer tribyoots to reel men of jeenyus sutch as mister spf seventyfive sunblock warer witch i am pritty shoor wuz abowt my dada!!! ha ha ok bye


Well said! I totally agree with you on this one!


Dexter says he'd rather sleep 21 hours a day thanks..


I loved that cartoon! My two granddogs...Zookie and Bella would be just shocked to know they are one of those fluffy little lap dogs!!!



Given how obnoxious people can be sometimes...being a companion dog is one tough job!


Well said, very true - how our dogs must read us and properly react even when totally out of their element. I love the vision of Dog Heaven in Jon Katz's book, Dancing Dogs - no leashes, no human limits, but smells, rolls, humping, exploding pillows, ....Thank you, my dog friends - and a great post :).

Jen @MyBrownNewfies

That cartoon made me laugh! What a great post for today! Happy Labor Day to you!



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