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I want to read "White Fang" but may skip the movie. What an excellent source. Thank you.

And YESH to another "A Fish Called Wanda" devotee - it is hilarious!

How do you feel about "The Princess Bride?" No dogs that I remember...

Southern quebec

Aother "paws up" for a fish called Wanda. I think it is the funniest movie EVER. This rating system should be carried over to books. specifically, any book by Jon Katz (the Bedlam farm series). His books are wonderful, but a serious amount of dogs don't make it.

I laughed every time a Yorkie got flattened in Wanda. Am I a bad person?


Also - on Goodreads there is "The Dog Dies - a Precautionary List" for books!


I was
reluctant to confess that I found squashed Yorkies funny, but I hoped I would
find kindred spirits among dog loving readers who had seen the movie.


Well now I know why I've never seen White Fang and why I blocked most of I Am Legend from my memory.
I had no idea this website existed, but it's great! Very useful.

Confession: I've never seen A Fish Called Wanda. Shameful, I know!


I love that website and use it all the time. I've also developed a pretty good sense of what's coming--I think I watched three minutes of Marley and Me before I knew that the dog was going to die, so I changed the channel.


I Am Legend: I had a very strong suspicion the dog would die a horrible-but-heroic death. While in the theater, I started crying a good couple of minutes before the dog was even in danger (as soon as the stupid human fell into the snare trap set by the zombie/vampires and it started getting dark, I just knew). I'm not usually prone to sentimentality, but something about heroic animal deaths just slays me sometimes (child and wife crashing in helicopter? Nothin').


Loved "A Fish Called Wanda"... although squashed Yorkies do remind me of a Christmas performance at our girls school of the "Wizard of Oz" where the Yorkie playing Toto got his neck broken when Dorothy fell on him.

In real life, sometimes the dogs do die.


I had no idea such a site existed, but I bow to them for creating it! I still haven't seen I Am Legend because I knew the dog died in it! lol

geogia little pea

I avoid sad dog movies unless they're on telly where I can bawl in private. Marley and Hachi come to mind. I also hate war movies where the horses go down. I'm sure it's (mostly) movie magic these days but still traumatising to watch.

Jackie Bouchard

I also love a Fish Called Wanda... and, even being a big dog lover, I laughed (and Oh-no'd!) when the yorkies got it. It's a movie. I can separate out that no dogs were actually harmed! (But I do remember being very distressed when that woman's dog was killed in Cabaret!)

(BTW... re: your comment on Pooch Smooches - I didn't want to start reading ebooks, but I love it now! And if you really don't wanna read them electronically, they're both available in paperback on Amazon.) :)


( I'm so sorry I laughed out loud at the squashed (little dogs) please you didn't just read this)

Sometimes well, you understand...................


Jen @MyBrownNewfies

I cry like like a baby when a dog dies in a movie, but when its more of a reality than fiction. Does that make sense?


I have heard of this website before I think. It's great for those who don't want any upsetting surprises.


I don't like movies where animals or children or elderly people are targeted. If the person is stupid or evil, go for it.

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