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Thank you for a good giggle this morning!

Rosa Caldwell

Thanks for sharing the story and pictures. I think this is just marvelous.


Glad to see that an exaggerated 'political correctness' isn't just a US trait. What a waste of energy...


WTF? Are they insane?


I liked it...gave me a nice chuckle!!!



LOL! I have to say though, you'd think the police officers THEMSELVES would be embarrassed to go and have a wedding ceremony for their partners. But hey, if they had fun with it, then why the heck not?

BJ Pup

That's a riot.

Jen @MyBrownNewfies

Well how much attention is the government actually paying if this went down without their knowledge. Come on, that's a lot of people and work to be involved for no one to know or leak the information!

Jackie Bouchard

OMD, what a story.

24 hour animal hospital in Scottsdale AZ

Dogs getting married? How adorable and hilarious! I love that they did this. What a fun thing to do.

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