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all over my head.

Pup Fan

Who knew? I had no idea that's how Comic Sans got started.

On a semi-related note, I was just thinking about this the other day. Why does the Internet think that cats speak in LOLCAT fashion? In my mind, cats sound like Garfield - hyper-intelligent and sarcastic.


What's wrong with comic sans??? I agree with Connare.


A funeral parlor in our town used it for death notices and for the memorial pamphlets they distributed to peoople attending services. Kind of like giving out comic books at a funeral. Idiots.

Jackie Bouchard

How funny. I hate Times New Roman worse. It's so.... boring. But most editors, agents, etc. expect TNR for manuscripts, so I'm stuck with it! How funny that it started with a dog.


LOL. Love it. I did wonder if Comic Sans was modeled after Charles Schulz' handwriting (yes, yes, I know he lettered in all caps) so that hint of a canine connection was always lurking, for me.

Maybe there's something behind the idea that dogs speak sans serif. Bowdu is sort of an Impact dog. Bowpi, on the other hand, is more Arial Narrow.


Not a fan of Comic Sans either. Don't know if I'd marry someone over my hatred of it though...


Comic Sans is my favorite font. I use it in my email but not, I don't think, on my blog. Better double check.


Another one of your outstanding posts! So for those of us who didn't know...Now we do!



Can't stand New Times Roman, we added our own fonts to use for fun stuff, but used to use comic sans a lot. For business, arial or calibri are the choice for us right now. Every font has its place in the world I guess :)


Wow can't imagine being that distressed over a font. As long as it's legible, it really doesn't bother me all that much.


I remember that little dog Bob!! I don't use Comic Sans, I mostly use Times New Roman or Arial. My boss is a BIG Arial fan and will look at a document and say, "why is this in Times New Roman?"

My response is, "Why do you know the difference?"

He needs a hobby too.


I am guilty of using Comic Sans. :-)

Ruckus the Eskie

This post is so funny! The title says it all

Joanne Morris

Hahah "dogs obviously didn’t talk in Times New Roman " Great Story ! The man created a font , lot of people use it (maybe in the wrong places but it's up to each one right ? ) and now they want to ban it ?? haha I agree "Get a hobby" kill some spare time


Loved learning the history of what is probably my favorite font and the one I use often for "Gizmo speak" ...For business I use Tahoma or Verdana, whichever looks good to me that day

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