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Aspiring dog groomer who steals dogs to practice on instead of attending school?


LOL. That must be it.


I can not imagine but I'm so glad they are reunited!



Creepy. If only the dog could tell us what happened.


my money is on someone who thought they might be theirs & was looking for a tattoo; KC registrations are sometimes tattoed, particularly with professional/working/show dogs. Local rescues here scan for chips & shave place where tattoos usually are, just so they don't miss anything. The result is some very lopsided haircuts for the first week or so, but since they are all quarantined then anyhow, no one really sees it. & yes, they have reunited some pets, but not many.

Jackie Bouchard

That is so bizarre. I hope it didn't scare the heck out of the pup! Rita hates any kind of noisy, mechanical thing. Poor little sweetie!

Who knows why folks do such bizarre things?! Drugs?? Low IQ? Completely inappropriate sense of humor? People are odd...

BJ Pup

Either the dog needed a grooming or the guy is nuts.


This story is one of those WTF? stories. Loopy stuff.


maybe they thought no one would recognize the dog if it was shaved..??


How very very odd. If only Gypsy could speak.


Oh my. Not the kind of story I like to hear, which is why both the gates to enter my yard are padlocked. I don't trust anyone. Glad she got home okay.

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