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I'm not sure what the point of your blog post is, because the nsidc.org link above isn't working for me. But I googled "Arctic ice levels" and found another page on the same site. It said "Satellite data from the SMMR and SSM/I instruments have been combined with earlier observations from ice charts and other sources to yield a time series of Arctic ice extent from the early 1900s onward. While the pre-satellite records are not as reliable, their trends are in good general agreement with the satellite record and indicate that Arctic sea ice extent has been declining since at least the early 1950s." (nsidc.org/cryosphere/sotc/sea_ice.html)


Did you delete my earlier comment?


There are fluctuations in ice levels with the seasons. That's true on any planet with an orbit. The chart about annual ice level fluctuations is less meaningful than longitudinal levels. (Did you mean to delete my last post? Will you delete this one, too? If you don't want anyone to contradict you, do me a favor let me know so I don't waste my time here.)


My apologies for the delay in posting your comment. I have had a lot of spam go through and have been forced to check comments before posting them if I'm away from the computer for very long.

My original link 


which worked yesterday gives me a database error this morning. It shows an early freeze of the arctic ice in August.

Thank you for your interest. 

You could be right.


Coolest August I can remember here in the Great Northeast. I am enjoying it btw


Thanks for letting me know you didn't delete my comments. I didn't understand how moderated comments worked on Typepad. I thought one's own comments stayed in view.

I received and understood the Mencken reference, but I just want to say this: the chart you showed on your blog is correct, as far as it goes. It shows fluctuations over seasons. Each fluctuation is a spike. But if you put those spiked fluctuations side by side, and look at every year for sixty years, there appears to be a trend.

Looking at five years of spikes, layered on top of each other in one chart, is like trying to understand a photograph from a few pixels.


No one is denying that the earth is changing. Always has, always will. It has had Ice Ages and periods of warmth through the eons. It's the scare tactics and ominous predictions based on a few short years. 

"They" told us in the 1970s that earth was entering a new Ice Age. 


Well, since it's so debatable what will happen and won't, I'm just glad that it hasn't happened yet. :-)


I love the dog on ice! Ice seems lovely right now. We are having cool to cold nights and steaming hot days. Fall is here a MONTH early!



No politics here - just love that photo :)



No ocean front property in Idaho? I bought a surfboard for nothing? Im getting impatient.


Climate change happens, but Al Gore is still an idiot.


yeah? I saw a before and after picture..the before showed ice all over..the second picture showed a lake.

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