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I don't care how reformed she is...what she did is awful...bitch.


There has been a plague of that exact crime around here lately. Seems as if every day someone moves out and leaves pets to starve in empty apartments or ties them to a fence and walks away. I do not understand.


I would have disagree about Kisha. Poor judgment is one thing, but NO ONE could pretend they didn't realize that they were starving a creature to death. That not feeding any living thing day after day after day would result in what poor Patrick looked like at the end. I don't know how many people this woman had in and out of her apartment - but it is not like Courage (the GSD in a similar state) where that sadist's owner's parents watched out the window day after day and did nothing (and it was her sister who finally got him help). But Patrick could have been hiddwen in a closet or bedroom - granted, if people did know, they should be charged. But in this case? I absolutely believe she got off with no consequences. This wasn't bad judgment, this was a daily decision she made every single day.


I thought she left him by a stairway and went out of town but it would take a long time for a dog to get that bony. I agree someone should have helped him. It doesnt take a village to raise a dog but everyone should look out for helpless creatures.


I think that is a very good question! And I also agree with Selkie...the decision was made daily to ignore and starve that more dog!!! GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR



I think she got off too easy. Any moron would know that leaving anything tied up with no food or water would result in severe illness if not death. I feel badly for her children when she wants her next vacation.

BJ Pup

The video of the dog playing fetch was the funniest thing I'd seen in a long time.


I find any human being capable of this type of cruelty a person who needs help and it is beyond my ability to justify in any form her behavior. She knew she was starving this poor dog to death and didn't care. The punishment should of been way sterner so we don't have so many people repeating the same crime and not caring. I do agree with you that shame on all the people who saw this dog suffering and did nothing to help it as well !!! Love your blog !!!

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