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Things that make you say Hmmmm....

"And it was also rumored that Lady Carnarvon wanted one of her own dogs to be cast as Pharoah and was not happy when another dog got the part."

Jen @MyBrownNewfies

Well I could see why they would banned if they weren't being supervised. Heck, people should be supervised in settings like this too!

Pup Fan

Good point... I didn't realize that the dogs had been running around unsupervised!

Jackie Bouchard

Oh my goodness. I can't imagine letting my dog run amok in such a place! As you said, it's always (not just with dogs but in pretty much every situation) a few dodos who spoil the fun for everyone!


I have no knowledge of this show besides what my mother-in-law has told me about it. I think I will forward this post to her. She loves this show and she loves dogs.

Our dogs are trained to stay in our yard. Some people have asked us if we have one of those electronic fences on them because they're so good... no, we've just spent time training them not to leave their yard.


Good point, the masses punished for the sins of a few...too bad.


Then there are the visitors that come to the farm...immediately let their dogs out (on a leash) run right over to my grass and allow poop to land here and there and NEVER EVEN TRY TO PICK IT UP! So I then hand them plastic sacks ask them to please put the poop in the trash can and would they mind taking their dogs down the lane in the weeds the next time. They always acted so started and say--EVERYTIME! Even in the same tone...BUT THIS IS A FARM! Yes, this is farm, and that is my lawn...and even my own dogs don't poop on the lawn.




It's always the way, one bad apple, in this case four untrained dogs. What did they think would happen?


Wow. I am surprised. That is rude to let your dog run around and damage someone else's house. I am surprised the show didn't spring for a dog nanny for everyone.


If some of the dogs weren't well behaved and the owners wouldn't make them behave, then I can understand it. I love taking my dogs places with me, too, but I have expectations of their behavior, and I wouldn't allow them to be destructive somewhere else, especially in a beautiful historic house like that one. I would be mortified if my dog misbehaved there!


should have her her dog win.


I just watched a PBS program on the Karnorvan's castle last night and can not imagine anyone taking their untrained dogs there and letting them run loose. Well, anywhere for that matter, but that place is magnificent and has a history!

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