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Southern quebec

You left out chocolate Labs. They have no sense of guilt.

"oh, you didn't want me to eat the 9 blueberry Bran muffins? You shouldn't have left them so far back on the counter. I could have hurt myself getting them."

These are totally guilt free animals!

Sue at Talking Dogs

Knock wood, none of our current 3 dogs have ever gotten into the garbage. They don't counter surf either. However, we used to have a lab mix who was a master :-(

2 brown dawgs

LOL that is quite a mess. We have heavy fitting lids on our trash cans and think goodness haven't had to deal with that. :)


Good point about the garbage eating...it is something that we always wanted them to do...so why do we get mad about it? Love that video.


Both of my dogs look guilty as heck when they're caught. They can't help themselves... the trash is at nose level. We're talking a German Shepherd and a Doberman.

Pup Fan

Love it... makes that whole garbage eating thing seem much more noble. ;)


Our dogs only take trash if it's especially delectable and on the top of a mound of trash in the can. Otherwise they're content to clean up after the rabbit, chickens, duck and goose. Who needs trash when you can eat poo?


Loving your blog!

Hawk aka BrownDog

Hi Y'all!

Now we Chessies would NEVER do anything like that! Would we?

Y'all come by now,
Hawk aka BrownDog

Roxy the traveling dog

Well mom keeps our trash hidden under the sink. Torrey got a sneak peak once though. Not me....too short.

Jackie Bouchard

Great post! I never thought of it that way. Kinda puts a new spin on things. Luckily Rita has no interest in the trash - which is so odd since she lived on the "mean streets." We had to be careful at the trash with our last 2 pups, but not with her. I guess she considers raiding the trash beneath her now!

(Love the line about boxers and pugs being born looking guilty!)


Now I know why there's a lid on our trash can!


Wow! I always love what I learn on your blog. You always have something cool to share.


I don't believe it..Bill hid my keys to the jeep in his toy box and when I said 'Bill did you do this..he hung his head, tucked his tail and walked side ways out of the room.


Oh, sure, Bill knew he was in trouble, but guilt? I don't think so. He's just sorry he got caught but will probably do it again if he got a chance.

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