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aw, I must say I'd be more upset by a dog being shot in a film too.... people, well if I don't know them I don't have a connection with them.... but I have a connection with all dogs :P


Interesting - we're so enured to seeing violence to people on the screen, but an injury to a dog..or any animal gets attention.


We've become inured to violence against humans in movies, but not animals... give it time because there's plenty of violence towards animals in the real world.

My youngest daughter does crew at university. One of her crew friends received her own solo crew boat as a present from her parents and it is bright yellow. The boat needs a name and my daughter suggested "Old Yeller". I asked her if she knew how "Old Yeller" ended. "I know, mom, but this is a crew boat, not a dog."

Oh kay.


It may just be a boat, but the words, Old Yeller, still bring back sad memories to a lot of us.


Whereas in novels, the opposite seems to be true: dogs and other animals are killed gratuitously as a cheap and easy way to "grow" main characters without sacrificing other humans.

Pamela | Something Wagging This Way Comes

I was really excited about reviewing Timoleon Vieta Come Home for pet travel Tuesday on A Traveler's Library. After all, it featured a mutt wandering all over Italy. But it ended with the brutal killing of the dog. I knew if I reviewed it I would no longer be welcome in dog blogville.

Luckily, I had another book in the hopper.

Jackie Bouchard

I'm the same I confess... Can watch folks get killed left and right on screen... but when there's a dog, look out! My friend told me a funny story about seeing the new True Grit. Lots of folks getting shot in that (mostly "bad" guys, so who cares) but when they shot a horse, she turned to her husband and yelled at him for bringing her. She said she SOBBED for 10 min while people shushed them!


I refuse to read a book where a dog is killed and I think
there are a lot of wimps like me. There are those books where the dog dies
after a long happy life, but it takes a talented writer to bring those off
without subjecting the reader to OYS. One of the best is “The Art of Racing in
the Rain.” 


I didnt like the way the scene ended either, but that was a great big of cinema. Easy to see why Hitchcock is one of the great genius directors.


Oh geez, I couldn't even watch the video, knowing what was gonna happen. Yeah, killing kids and dogs is bad in movies. The "shock value" is not worth it.


The longest 2 minutes ever.


My daughter's friend has yet to name her crew boat so there's hope that the name "Old Yeller" is not in contention :-)


I think reading the book should be required before the naming.


2 movies that scarred me for life..Bambi and old Yeller...sonsabitches.


Oh yeah, I won't watch I am Legend because I know what happened to the dog. And I get super pissed when I see the old westerns where they kill the dogs. Forget Old Yeller, I could barely read it never mind watch it.

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