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Sherry in MT

So cool to read that such a brilliant man in so many ways, also had that sense of dogs!

Jackie Bouchard

Had no idea about all that. Very interesting!

Isn't it always funny when "new research" comes out about how great dogs are for us?


Great post - as a psych major when I was in college, loved reading this about Freud.


I knew Freud had Chows, but I didn't realize that he didn't become a dog owner until he was 70!

I was always amused that his first Chow was named Lunyu. After the Confucian Analects. People sure do name their Chinese dogs strange things...


If I was involved in counselling anyone in any way I would want Barbie assisting. ;)

Sonia A. Mascaro

Great post! I am so glad I found your blog!

Southern quebec

To bad he didn't have dachshunds. That would have been soooo Freudian... :)


at West Rest Haven(before it got blew up)they had a cat that would go to a patients room and get in bed with them and sleep on their bed...right before they fecking died..usually the patient was already either in a coma or was so out of it they didn't know they had been given the kiss of death by the cat. that was pretty creepy for me.


Very cool...and what may have been one of the very first therapy dogs. Good time clock too. :-)


I would have more admiration for Freud if he'd discovered dogs sooner in his life. Talk about mental problems.

Ben Roth

Thanks Jo-fi was a gift from Marie Bonaparte and was named for one of Freud's aunts. He took the dog to England when the Freuds' fled Vienna it was reported by Martin Freud. Anna Freud also had Chows with one named Jo-fi and provided for them in her will when she passed. Oddly, her dogs were not house trained ( Hmmmm) and she left them to Alice Collona ( uncertain) . I wrote a paper about the Freud dog and couldnt get it published more than 20 years ago. Many of Freud's patients were aware of his dog and only one , Renee Spitz , became a dog owner. A famous child analyst, Grace Abbot, kept her dog ( Neferiiti) in the room and the dog would leave a few seconds before a patient would get angry at Abbott. Betty McNeil also kept a dog in her office.
To state what I wrote later on animal human bonding " dogs touch with their bodies" and elicit human touching responses and " make eye contact crucial to human relationships"


What a great post Jan. I did not know Freud's thoughts on dogs and emotions. He was clearly ahead of his time on that one. I also did not know he was so in love with his dogs. I have a thing for Chows ever since my brother's dog Remy came into my life. He was a Chow/Lab mix and loved very much by our whole family.

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