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Hawk aka BrownDog

Hi Y'all,

Oh sweet Jenny, my paws are crossed you find a loving forever home soon.

Y'all come by now,
Hawk aka BrownDog


I'm busy nursing a baby rabbit that dexter brought me...it's made it thru 2 nights and days and has bonded with me and is taking baby formula..he's named "Buggs"

Pamela | Something Wagging This Way Comes

Hey, the HSUS could probably afford a plane with their logo on the outside. :)

It's so insane that shelters are having to clean up other people's messes by flying jets across the country.


I wish my husband would get over his 'problem' with small dogs. I would love to have another Chihuahua, but because my dog never liked him, he's never gotten over it. OK, when a kid he lived next door to four, what he calls obnoxious Chihuahuas... think Bonanza... he's never gotten over that either. Long story.


Love the new blog hop - or maybe it's just new to me. Thanks for sharing will be joining when we can!


Oh that sweet, sweet face dear Jenny. I hope that forever home is looking for you right now.


I don't ever know what to fully think about the HSUS, but I know they do more good than PETA... so at least that's SOMETHING.
I know that there's an overwhelming abundance of Chihuahuas in California looking for homes, so I pray that sweet, shy little Jenny finds just the right person for her... and soon! Will share!


I'm shocked, shocked I tell you, to hear that they didn't listen to you! *spoken very tongue in cheek*


Well, I think your idea is great :)

Dogs N Pawz

What a sweetie. Sharing.


Magic thoughts for Jenny for a forever home!

Fuzzy and Boomer


Jackie Bouchard

I heard something on NPR the other day about rescue groups moving Chihuahuas from CA to other areas of the country that are anxious to get their hands on them. The piece was generally about transport groups for rescues, but at the end they mentioned the CA Chi's being transported to shelters in other states.


Cube - You have to change the small dog image. Let him know that small dogs are just like big dogs, and all the problems that crop up with small dogs happen purely because they're treated like infants and not dogs!

Show your husband this:
Chihuahua pulling 550 pounds

And this:
Chihuahua herding sheep

My own chihuahuas are show dogs, doing Agility and Obedience. (Honestly, we're still working on the obedience and haven't made it to the show ring yet, but we will.)

They're lively, energetic dogs with good listening skills and medium energy. Medium energy is GREAT if you want activity but don't want to do a 9 mile marathon every day to keep your dog sane.

It simply shocks me when I see people not wanting a Chihuahua. They're the perfect family pet as long as they're treated like real dogs.

There's plenty of other chihuahuas out there doing amazing things if you need more evidence. :) There are even police chihuahuas and search and rescue chihuahuas.


Well for HSUS to respond, they'd first have to care. I hope Jenny finds her forever home!!

Marge Fithian

I have reached out to the HSUS and ASPCA even Best Friends for MAJOR national PR for the CA/Western Chihuahua Crisis..My program has been featured in the Wall Street Journal, Pittsburgh Post Gazette, Philadelphia Inquirer and Cesar's Way Magazine. The Chihuahua Crisis continues to grow and spans across the west. These otherwise wanted dogs are being killed by the thousands. NOT one of these organization will even step up and admit this is a major breed crisis to mainstream America. My program is facebook.com/FlyAChihuahua "Many Happy Returns Chihuahua Transport Program" the last major media out of California was in late 2009-2010.
Marge Fithian

Marge Fithian

From "Many Happy Returns Chihuahua Transport Program" Facebook.com/FlyAChihuahua
Another comment only a fraction of Chihuahua make it out on transports. They are the flood the shelters up to 70 percent with 3 days to live. Most out west won't foster a Chihuahua because they are impossible to adopt due to the high supply. It's a major crisis that receives NO national attention for the severity and sadly the end is no where in sight. People give to national organization to support crisis and the chihuahuas continue to be ignored. I have enough e-mails to prove these national organization have left these dogs behind with full understanding of the crisis.

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