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Pi has his DOG memory , he knows he may expect something coming out of my hand bag. Sometimes I have treat for him in my bag.

And he knows what pigeon means : once a pigeon ate his whole plate of dog cookies, he never forgot the incident. Now when he doesn't want to eat we do like we are calling the pigeon, Pigeon pigeon , he put himself in searching position Then he eats immediately


Hmmmm.... dog memory is as selective as human memory.


Delilah has dog memory, she can't remember to stay out of the kitchen but she does remember to check the table for food scraps.


So funny...my dogs, all of them have dog memory - obviously anything dealing with food in any shape or form is stored in the long term memory banks. My brother had a dog who would remember places and even though he visited home infrequently with Serene, when he pulled into our street, she would get all excited - knowing she was almost to grandpas.

Sherry in MT

Yup on both counts!


LOVED this!


geogia little pea

What a funny funny post! All 3 of us have dog memory for sure. Cushion's extends back to our pre-marriage days. Dog memory is particularly useful when squabbling :)


Haha! Oh yes, we have some dog memory problems in our house, too. Like when they can't remember that the dishwasher does not need a doggy pre-rinse, yet can remember where we hid every toy and know the difference between identical kongs.


Yep, all very familiar to me!

Karen Friesecke

I sure do! I can remember the lyrics from most of my favorite songs from the 80's, but can't seem to remember DNA replication from the bio courses I took in university.


sounds like my xhusband..could never remember where the remote is, but remembers the address of a bar he went to 17 years ago.


I love this post, Jan.

Dog toys

LOVE THIS - it is all so true - especially the one about squirrels! Dog Toys

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