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Thank you Jan. Their trolls are tiresome and they are everywhere, including every food production forum you could imagine.


PETA sucks. They sent me some crap once, I was willing to donate until I realized it was from them.

I used a stamp and sent it back and told them I'd love to help, but not their organization.

They can kiss my lily white...well you get the point.


Can't agree more!



Khan woo fathom the trouble humans would get into?

Just sayin'



You are so right that they are not harmless kooks, they are a danger to all pets and all humans.

Ingrid is deranged.So many young people don't understand and they are being misguided because they love animals and can't conceive of the kind of evil peta is.


I don't see anything wrong with the dogs running the race, as long as they are properly cared for of course.

I think if given the choice most dogs would want to live in the company of humans AND have a job - not end up back in the "wild" like PETA would have them.


I can't abide PETA, them bastids..if they spend half the money they got from donations and put it to use there wouldn't be one kill shelter in the usa..


yeah they are anti-pet for sure, they think no animal should be domesticated, notwithstanding that the domestic animals we have now actually EVOLVED with us!!!


Your post is spot on. I have no use for PETA or the celebutards who become their useful tools.

Sherry in MT

Haha I bet you won't get an PETA spam comments on THIS post! LOL Peta, HSUS, blah blah blah....I'm not a fan of radicals in any sense. It's all about balance people!


I hate seeing the advertisements because all of us KNOW they really hate animals and are hiding behind the human fact!


Jen @MyBrownNewfies

You are right, if PETA had their way there be no dogs at all!


I am not sure if dog and other pet owners out there are aware about this.
But you know what, seeing the records between Iditarod and PETA, I would say, long-live Iditarod....


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