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Sherry in MT

I've gone in to the shelter to help with a number of dogs like this. Just makes me sick that people think it is okay that they do that. Idiots. I actually did a schnauzer that was so bad they had her listed as a poodle. NOT! It is so cool when you finally get all that crap off and the dog acts like you've given them a new life!


Oh my goodness, the poor thing! I'm so glad that she's in good hands now.

geogia little pea

I love a good rasta hairdo but that poor dog. Teeth in the mouth and rear end? :( I wonder if she lived most of her 14 years this way.


Poor little thing. I'm so glad she is being taken care of now. What possesses people?


I've talked to people who were interested in getting a Poodle, but didn't know about the extra grooming that is required.

I'm amazed that people let this happen to their dogs. I'm glad she's in good hands now and I hope she finds a loving home.


Yeah, I mean really, why don't people get it? Either a dog moults hair, or it requires regular grooming. One or the other. I think Barbie is the best in terms of low maintenance hair - she has very little of it to shed and it's black so you don't see it on your clothes. Now that it is summer she has a minimal coat and is bald in spots... keeps her cool and that's less hair to get dirty ;)


Wow, we didn't know that poodles hair got that long. I'm now glad that my hair sheds.


Oy. How can you let a dog get to that point? Since becoming a groomer I'm even more aware of why for myself, I prefer short-haired dogs!


It's hard telling which end is the front.


We rescued a poodle out of a busy intersection years ago - at first we thought it was a terribly dirty dachshund, but when I started trimming her we found at the mats had pinned her legs to her body.



heart breaking..and wonderful at the same time.


Hmmm, they didn't say anything about the owners and if they will be facing some sort of punishment. Even if they couldn't afford a groomer, a scissors and brushing would have helped. How terrible.


OH! MY HEAVENS!!! String those people up!!!




I will never complain again about the knots in my shedding Pomeranian.


Broken heart.. And beautiful at the same time.

gray hair

Great post

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