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scurried over from Go Pet Friendly. Unlike you I had horriable English teachers who didn't care if we could spell or had good grammer skills. But I've always had a passion for writing so blogging has been a good outlet for me.

I also don't got to a lot of the sites that show where you are on the list as it all has to do with algarhythms(sp) and depending on the program it will fluctuate vastly.

Georgia Little Pea

Whoa! I didn't realise therre was a difference between "goal" and "objective"? Peep! Fail.

Another BIG dogblog. I've just come from Amy's and Tales and Tails and suddenly, I'm feeling like a midget minnow. How do you even get numbers like that? By working hard at it? I'd forgotten all about your evil twin ;)

Re: your look. I wish I could help but I'm no web designer. However, a bit more colour and new masthead picture and/or blog title typeface might freshen things up. I'm a fan of regularly changing masthead pictures :)

Vicki Cook

Love your post, especially the part about goals and objectives! Unlike you, I am overly concerned about my stats - probably because I come from a business/accounting background. I don't really follow where I rate on various sites because you can game them to increase your rating. I think tracking your own numbers and comparing them with where you were last year is a truer measure of how you're doing (and only if you really care about that sort of thing). BTW - I love Dogbert. It reminds me of when I played Lady MacBeth in high school!


I like how you think. I wish I had a good English teacher... I was always told I was awful in English and was actually sent to ESL, even though English was my native language.
I agree with you about other website's ratings...too confusing for me to consider.


I had the same experience with Technorati I hit #1 then a few days later dropped out of the top 20. I'm pretty disappointed with Technorati and their blog rank. However, I do see a small amount of referral traffic from Technorati and other blog directories and the link from major directories supposedly help with SEO.

I must say I like the classic look of your blog. Sometimes it's comforting to see the same design every time you come back to a blog. Unfortunately, I can't say the same for my blog as I seem to always be fiddling with the design.


I don't think your blog looks outdated and boring! I really use blog themes to remind myself about blogs I have or haven't visited before, and I always know when I've made my way back here! If you really did feel up for a change, I would perhaps consider changing your banner across the top, and leaving the rest of your formatting. That way your identity is still 'kept', but also switched up just that little bit.

I really enjoyed your student teaching story. As a student teacher, I had an absolutely wonderful, though anal, supervising teacher who was very into planning, and another that was very cruisey. I really loved having such different guidance from these two teachers... They didn't ask me to write down my goals, though!


Oh I loved your answers Jan!! I wish I could be more like you in regards to blogging when it strikes, but I'm the individual that needs structure.

I think you find very interesting things to post about.

As for the blog, I don't think it needs refreshing, but you can always go into your dashboard and play around without making permanent changes. :-)


I'm glad your blog hasn't changed because I love to read your blog. Keep up the good work.

Peggy Frezon

Hi! I'm the opposite, I love schedules, goals, lists and the like. But I also love English, reading and writing and Shakespeare, lol. Love visiting your blog. In regards to your "help" issue, if you haven't updated in a long while, maybe a new header would be all you need to freshen things up. Play around with fonts and colors and use some new pictures, just for a fun change.


Jan, loved your answers! Struck a real cord with us!

We love visiting your blog so much - don't change it! Sometimes it's lovely to have things stay just as way the are - it's your content that's important and we always really appreciate that!

Very best wishes to you for 2013
Clive & Co

Sherry in MT

A very fun read by the by. Keep on blogging sister....


I have to agree with you on the deadlines part. I too, blog when something exciting happens or I feel the urge. I feel too my pressure to blog when on a deadline and publish, imo, a junk post. I'd rather not do that. Glad to see your a pibbles lover as well! Fabulous post and great to meet you. Your babies in your header are adorable!


I agree with the comments that it is the content we come for. Your pink sweater & socks are also neat. I would hate to see them leave the layout. They're a "signature" like Mr. Rogers and his sweater!


You have put it all so frankly and left no room for argument as far as I am concerned. This is one of the reasons I enjoy your blog so much. You never hesitate to say exactly what you think and have no trouble getting to the point.

This especially: "One of the joys of having a blog is that we can write whatever we want whenever we want." I could not agree more.


You had me at Dogbert! Thanks for the giggles and laughs today. The Slightly R-rated Dog Blog is hilarious! I'm glad you mentioned it. (The top picture is awesome!)

I have to agree with you Jan. Blogging should be fun and when it's not then I've made it something that is not me. I also don't worry about the numbers much. I used to look at them more often, but now I consider the interaction between me and my readers to be most important. Numbers are fine, but building connections with people is so much more valuable to me.

As far as changing the look, I don't know what I would suggest. Maybe I'll just ask a question, does the look and feel of it reflect what your blog is about? If yes, then leave it as it is now and if no, change it. Not much help am I? :)

I enjoy your writing. What I didn't know was that you are an English teacher and that you have been blogging since 2005. Wow!


I have really got to check out Skippy's blog! Haha!
I envy your ability to write daily without any real schedule. For me, if I don't have plans to write something, I can go weeks without anything but a wordless wednesday post and even that barely registers on analytics. Your stats, on the other hand, are incredibly impressive! Definitely something to aspire to.

Can't wait to see what you're going to write about this year!


Oh my gosh - how funny! I love Dogbert and now I can't wait to become one of the degenerates over on Skippy's blog. I think your blog has a nice, clean look. Perhaps just switching up the color on the sides of the content box from gray to something more spiffy would give it a little different feel without causing much "change angst."

Thanks so much for participating again in this year's challenge. I'm inspired that you're been blogging for more than 7 years and you're writing nearly every day! Keeping things fun is a great perspective - good for you for banning goals if it sucks the fun out of blogging for you. I hope your 2013 is a blast.

Pamela | Something Wagging This Way Comes

Every once in a while someone asks, since I like teaching, why I don't get my education degree. Your story about writings out goals vs objectives sums my feelings up perfectly. Education is a dreary major for creative people.

I do like two changes you've made to you blog--the dramatis personae and the Amazon recommendations. Other than that, I just think it looks like a TypePad blog. There's a look to them that's instantly recognizable. But it's your writing that keeps me coming back.

As a 7 year blogger who is always interesting an concise, you are my hero.

Jobi and Fisher

I am beginning to see a definite difference in seasoned responders (you) and the newbie(me). You are terrifically funny and interesting. I am going to try that next year.

Karen Friesecke

Well I did not know that you were an English Teacher, what an interesting reveal!

I'm not a techie/bells & whistles person so as long as the text is readable, I'm pretty happy. What I like most about your layout is that it is not cluttered with "stuff" & everything is easy to find.

Jen @MyBrownNewfies

I didn't know you were an English teacher either! geesh you probably cringe when you read my blog-sorry!

Loved all your answers. Very straight forward and honest which is why I like your blog just the way it is!


I'm definitely weirded out by the Technorati thing. I didn't realize it had happened to so many people (it happened to me too, last year I think?)

I agree with you, it is hard to tell people not "in the know" how much daily time I spend either with Elka or on the computer.


I'm a newbie blogger, and this is my visit to your site - funny, cynical and refreshing! Love it!

Pup Fan

"One of the joys of having a blog is that we can write whatever we want whenever we want."

That statement really resonated with me - it's such an important thing to remember. The only pressure is the pressure I put on myself.

AJ of PupLove

I am SO with you on feeling "neglected" when you post something and don't get any comments. Especially if it's something that you've really worked on or are especially proud of, and it feels like it goes completely unnoticed. Total downer!


Lovely read :) brought a smile to my face

Dogs N Pawz

Loved your post and I went over and checked out Skippy's site! Got some good laughs! I had some awesome English teachers and I bet your students loved you! I taught math so sometimes it is hard for me to write...you know, all that left brain and right brain stuff! Looking forward to following your blog!


That is the problem with teaching these days. Too much goal setting and not enough teaching for the love of the subject. :) Good luck in 2013! I change my blog's look often...lol. I think I get bored with it. :)

Jackie Bouchard

Hi, slowly working my way through a selection of the PBC posts. Love the Dogbert graphic. I agree about not doing things that suck the joy out of the blogging proccess! My goal (in general, not just for my blog) is to "enjoy more" in 2013.

I had great English teachers in H.S. too. A nun even! Ha!


I really adore your perspective especially in blogging!

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