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that is so fantastic..what great dogs.


Personally, I think work is overrated. It's bad enough I had to pick up the slack on my peoples' blog. I can't imagine taking on a day job too. Nope. House dog suits ME just fine.


That sounds like the kind of work my dogs would enjoy!

geogia little pea

I thought #5 and 6 were regular dogs having fun! Imagining having jobs like that. Very cool.

I hate gulls on beaches. We have a lot here too and unfortunately, people, will insist on feeding them chips which is bad for them and everyone else who's trying to have a quiet picnic. For reasons best known to themselves, lots of people are also still feeding pigeons in parks with the same outcome. And over at Darling Harbour, big birds like ibises and pelicans stalk humans for food, even entering the food court! Ugh.


Good grief, those are two amazing jobs for dogs. I wouldn't have believed they really existed if you hadn't given "chapter and verse".

Karen Friesecke

Dexter will happily take the sea gull chasing job :D


I think Linus would really like chasing the birds and Stetson would like sniffing for bones. I grew up near the beach and remember getting pooped on by seagulls during lunch times at school...not very fun.


cool list of jobs! sounds funny but the dogs really enjoy those jobs :)


Our local, lakefront park is off limits to dogs which means it is infested with Canada geese who leave droppings everywhere. I think it's time we hire one of those bird chasing dogs to make the park safe for walking.

As for the archaeologist dog, I had never heard that before. But it makes perfect sense. Very cool.

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