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This sounds like such a fun read! Thank you so much for reviewing it as I hadn't heard of it before. It sounds like something I'd read out loud to my husband while giggling. I am definitely going to look for it.

Southern quebec

Are all chihuahua's called Tinkerbell? Do they all live in mansions? Needs some originality...


I'll be reviewing this next month for an online book tour. I haven't gotten a chance to look it over yet, because my husband keeps picking it up and guffawing.

I'm pleased to hear it has some PG rated content. I have a feeling that will make me like it more. :)


Sounds like a great cast of characters. I love that you mentioned the yellow Lab first.


Might be worth a look thru. :-) thanks for the review!

Jeff Johnson

Hi Jan
Thanks for reviewing my new book -- and I'm so glad that you enjoyed it. We tried to give our characters a bit of an edge -- and it truly was intended for an adult audience (the visual look of the book might be misleading). Thank you again -- and we'll make sure we are clearer in the future about who the intended audience is.

Blueberry's human

This actually sounds like a fun read! lol - I'll be very interested to know the lab's explanation for eating the couch. :)

Andy Uhl

Sounds like a great post. It's gotten good reviews from Amazon as well, so I'll have to check it out.


My dog, Maxine, a Doberman doesn't want me to know that she saves her most odoriferous farts just for me ;-)

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