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Southern quebec

Who says Labs aren't a herding dog? I have watched that clip a few times, and it's still funny. (I would guess that Lab owners look at it and say, "there, but for the Grace of God go I")


i so want to see that, but if I play a video it shuts my computer down..hoping to be able to have money for a lap top for black friday.


I had not seen this video, it was hysterical!! I could see Delilah chasing the herd and me chasing Delilah. I think my language might be a bit more colorful. I agree with Southern Quebec, I bet every lab owner looks at that and does say that.


geogia little pea

HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! Oh that's priceless! I love the title too :) I got a feeling Fenton's name and his owner's voice is going to be in my head a while.


Holy smokes, that's funny. Especially because nobody was hurt! I especially like the 13 year old snicker at the end ;)


that's some great herding skill right there!! i would be a little bit embarrassed it if was my dog though!


That's too funny! Our guide dog school always tells us that the dogs choose whether or not they want to be a working guide dog. I guess we can see why Fenton chose not to be a guide dog for the blind.


My dogs chase anything that runs. I guess that could be me if only there was an antelope herd near my house.


Believe it or not, I never saw that one! Thanks for sharing it. Way to cause mischief Fenton! Go Fenton, Go!


first time I saw that... am I the only one that doesn't find it funny at all? Those deer were probably frightened and stressed and could have been killed or killed someone if they had been hit by a car. DONT' have your damn dog OFF LEASH if he doesn't respond to you.

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