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Donna and the Dogs

I had seen the photo on facebook, with no story attached other than a one liner. Thanks for uncovering and sharing the story that goes with the heart warming photo!

Jen @MyBrownNewfies

I too have seen this story on FB a lot but did not know the full story behind it. Thanks for sharing this, what a wonderful bond they share.


Made me cry! I volunteer at one of the local shelters here, you would be surprised at how many dogs are beaten, why I don't know. I breaks my heart to see them so frightened and it breaks my heart with happiness when I see them adopted into loving families.


geogia little pea

That is a beautiful picture. Schoep looks so peaceful. Wonder if he's still alive. 19 years old is a very grand age isn't it? I can imagine the hole he's going to leave behind when he goes.


I've seen this picture several times and I weep every time I see it.

san diego dog groomer

This is the most touching story ever. That photo goes to show that dogs are really man's bestfriend. You can really feel the love and companionship between the two, right? Hopefully, Schoep is feeling better and would live long enough, though 19 dog years is quite a feat already.

Pup Fan

What an absolutely wonderful photo and story.

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