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I think I'm gonna have the healthiest kids in the country... lol


I believe in this ....I really do!



How fascinating. I guess it's similar to the germ theory, that by bathing our children in Purell we are also ridding them of good bacteria and preventing them from building up their immune systems. Who knows? I can believe anything that tells me my animals are actually increasing my health!


I have a friend who says every parent should feed his kids a little bit of dirt. It builds up resistance. :)

I suspect over-protection probably harms kids much more than exposure to the wide world. Dogs preventing asthma--doesn't surprise me a bit.

Donna and the Dogs

I totally believe this, and not just about dog hair. I think if people insist on living in a super clean bubble, they are going to be more prone to lots and lots of ailments that other people build up a natural resistance to.


I think it makes sense. You are also so right about people giving up dogs because of babies, it is a sad disposable world we live in. :-(


I think this is probably true as a general rule, but of course there will always be counter examples, as sadly my family is. Of my five children three have asthma and we had multiple dogs, cats and other critters when they were young. But we kept our critters and the kids survived. Perhaps they would have been worse without the pets.

Karen Friesecke

I did not know this. How interesting!!


now that I had never heard of.


Anyone have any information on Chihuahuas and adults with asthma?

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