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That is amazing. I listened to a few of the mp3s and I almost want to buy the set for my own ears. :-)

Ginger, Buddy n Shadow

This is wonderful...Will try and get a copy for ourselves. We are so glad Little Red is safe n in a happy space now. Poor lil girl...we can only imagine her nightmares...:O(
Bless the family who took her in and opened their hearts to her:)

Gin, Bud n shadow


wow - that is the calmest shelter I've ever seen ... those dogs have great spaces too


Beautiful. Lisa Spector deserves a Nobel prize. It's good that Little Red finally got the chance to relax after all she'd been through

Jackie Denney

didn't work for Dexter ..he just bit me on the ass.

Designer Dog Collars

Never seen such a nice shelter!


I agree with the commenter above, the shelter itself is something to talk about. What a great space!

I have heard so much about these CDs but have yet to try them myself. Given my dog has difficulty relaxing in new places I do wonder if music would make a difference. Maybe I'll finally give it a shot. If nothing else, I'll have a lovely CD to listen to.


WOW! Calm is good! I loved this post also.



That is wonderful that music has this effect on some dogs and it is so wonderful to know that a study has been done on this!


How lovely top read the story behind Lisa's music! I have several of her CDs and also several arrangements on my computer. I swear by her music.

When I was a pet sitter, I boarded dogs in my home. As you an imagine, it got quite hectic at times. In those times I would simply put on some of Lisa's music and all the dogs would simply relax, go lay down and start snoozing. It worked every time. Now I use it to calm Daisy during storms and during fireworks season. I cannot recommend her stuff enough.
Thanks for Sharing more about the story behind her music.

Peggy Frezon @Peggy's Pet Place

I love that the shelter is using the music. Anything that might help the dogs is great!

John Chanellor

Good to see various and many different methods being used in calming dogs, I know it's been rumoured that music has helped calm dogs before - so good to see they implemented here and gave it a try.


It's a lovely looking shelter and the dogs do seem so calm and relaxed. I'm so glad that people are working to help dogs like Little Red and others with trauma, to feel more at peace.

And it helps the adoption rate, how awesome!!


I have not noticed a difference with Honey listening to Spector's music. But she's pretty mellow at home anyway.

Now my mom, however, loves the simplicity of the music. I think I'll buy her a few of the CDs.

Years ago, my Agatha and Christie loved Bach organ music. It put them right to sleep.

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