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Helen P. (Whiskered Paintings)

That is hilarious. Won't the tv rot Indiana's brain?


This really is kind of silly. Maybe it depends on the dog? Mine doesn't pay any attention at all to the television.

The first year we had her I used to leave the TV on all day when we were at work thinking it would help with her separation anxiety. It didn't. In fact, it seemed to make it worse since we didn't have it on until we left and it became a trigger.

Who knows? Back when SA was a huge deal for us, I would have tried anything. Including Dog TV.


Heck, why not!



OMD, I can't believe this. I would watch it with the dogs to see what their reactions were, but I would NEVER pay an extra $4.99 a month for it.


Dexter doesn't give a shit about the tv..but I played that video of the cat going 'no no no no no no'
over and over and it freaked him out..


I'd love to see what dog tv looks like. I guess I'd have to get a tv, huh?

Honey enjoys seeing dogs on the computer screen. But I think it would be too arousing for her when we go away. She needs her beauty sleep while we're at work.

the 5Bs

we would be barking our brains out if there were more dogs on TV. we bark at TV dogs, squirrels, horses, well actually any animal if it's on TV. oh yeah, we bark at those things in real life too. now if they could just put pee-mail on TV. that would keep us entertained.



Dog TV? Oh, how weird.

Elka pays no attention, for the most part, to dogs and dog noises on recordings. Crying babies, though, make her anxious, because somebody needs to help that baby!

We dont' have TV anyway. I'm sure nobody's missing out.

Urban hounds

I have hear that some dogs who bark when alone can be quited by the sound of the TV. my friend does this with her french bulldogs but mentions it must be calm TV, no amimal planet. I think she used to leave on of all things, CNN

Karen Friesecke

For the dog that has everything?


this makes me think so many things! for one, half of what they're saying is good programming for a dog contains stimuli that would rile desmond up--not calm him down. dogs playing ball??? um, what? is there any dog who would feel calm seeing that? i don't get it...

also, we were leaving an ipod on for desmond while we were at work (the Through a Dog's Ear classical music), and our electric bill jumped up. i cannot even imagine what would happen to the bill if we left our 52" LCD TV on all day. holy moly!

all that being said, i'd totally want to watch some of this WITH desmond, just for kicks.

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