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Alexander Brenner

I Loved both commercials...:-)


Both commercials were good, but my love of Star Wars is dwarfed by my love of Star Trek. A little Spock giving the car a Vulcan mind meld would've been funnier to me.

Helen P. (Whiskered Paintings)

I really like barking dogs making Star Wars music, but I'm not sure how it's supposed to sell cars?


I'm always amazed at the training behind these commercials...hours and hours, with so much patience! Both commercials are good! xx


I like last years better..only because all them barking dogs freaked Dexter out

Karen Friesecke

The barking dogs commercial was so silly yet I could keep from smiling. And look, there's a Vizsla!

georgia little pea

I saw the 1st commercial this morning on my friend's facebook page. Hilarious. I played it for Georgia and she cocked her head all through it!


I think all the commercials they come up with are great!

Doctor Vet

Those are awesome! I love little Darth!


Oh, thanks for posting last years. Someone was telling me there was a star wars themed one from last year, and I hadn't been motivated to find it. Good to see it and work out the connection.

Peggy Frezon @Peggy's Pet Place

That's a lot of barking! I love the howwwwl!


these are both great. i still really enjoy the one from last year. so clever and cute!

Sexy girl!

My dogs loved this commercial from start to finish. http://www.gamegoldfast.com/swtor/buy-swtor-credits.php


I enjoy it very much. Star Wars is a very amazing world.

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