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Why not? It's certainly possible. Our lifestyles comingle so well and I could believe it if someone said one of the reasons were so successful from an evolutionary standpoint was due to our relationship with dogs, and vice versa.


Sounds like we all evolved together and yet some would call our relationship with them "exploitation" and "unnatural" I call it one of the best things that ever happened to both species.

georgia little pea

I have this image of the Belgian dogs hunting ox and reindeer in packs. They must have been huge! Though I suppose, maybe they just ate chunks of the meat cut up by their humans.


Some jesus freak will argue the time line, just sure as heck. . :(


i think the Goddess made the dog first, then they needed someone to play with and she made man/woman.

Khyra and Sometimes Her Mom

Imagine THAT!


Sue St Clair

I don't doubt it! I cannot imagine my own personal world without a dog in it. :)

shanendoah@life by pets

We wrote about the same thing! I love that the dog is the first animal we domesticated- not for food or work, but to live with us as companion and protector,


I can't fathom of not ever having a dog or a cat in my life. Ever. And Always.


Discount Pet Supplies

I have here my best-friend...He always makes me smile, he just waggle his tail for me to hug him tight. I love my dog..my best friend.

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