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What a crazy decision!!!

Mind you, we had access problems with Clive in New York last year and he's fully entitled to go to bars / restaurants as a service dog. We knew the regulations under the ADA so we always eventually got in but not nice always having to quote regulations to prove a point!


that sucks..really


I foresee lots of people breaking this rule. There are some bars in NYC that wouldn't be nearly as popular as they are if it weren't a place where neighborhood folks could hang out with their dogs.

lauren @ life with desmond

this is so ridiculous. i recently moved from NYC to Long Island, and all i do is complain about how i have so few places i can go with my dog. i'd be out there spending money and paying sales tax if i just had somewhere to go! and now they are making it harder?? ugh!

i wish i had the time and money to open a dog-friendly inn that had a restaurant and bar and dog run.


AHHHHHHHHHHHH the lure of money...that is all it is a chance for the city to earn MONEY.




Living in a rural town (less than 1,200), we do not have the opportunity to take our dogs "on the town" with us, but enjoy reading & looking at pictures of those who do. I hate to hear that this is going to change.

Helen Billet

As a former New Yorker who enjoyed taking her dog to the neighborhood bar, this is really such a shame. It was one of the things that made a neighborhood really feel like a small town. I knew the people in the bar, and my dog knew the other dogs in the bar. This was one of things that I missed most when I left NYC -- it is really to bad that it had to change.

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