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Debby & Kirby thd Dorkie

Great news! Isn't it amazing what a dog can do?? Humans just can't resist that unconditional love!

We want to give you the Versatile Blogger Award!


I think once a person loves a dog he's hooked. Good luck keeping them away from our best friends.


I've been thinking lately what a wonderful time it is to get one's first dog. We have access to so much better information than ever before and the web makes it easier than ever.

Hopefully the nascent dog-loving community in Iran is getting the best information about caring for their friends.

And, as Iran gradually progresses toward a more democratic nation (and yes, it will happen), we won't see rebellious dog owners facing violence.

Jan--you always write the most interesting posts!


I worked for a guy from Pakistan and he thought I was the greatest employee in the world..I could do nothing wrong in his eys, till I showed up one day in my jeep with Bill(my beloved doggie) and he saw him and said 'is yours?'..said yup, my baby ..he sleeps with me and goes every where I go when I'm not working. next day when I went to work he made me wash my hands before I ran the register and starting being nasty to me..asked him what the deal was and he said 'dogs are unclean, you let this dog sleep with you and your unclean now.'..told him to go fuck himself and quit.


Hopefully, people will continue to protect the dogs. I would hate there to be a crack down and find all the pets become victims.

I do hope there will be peace for the animals and the owners in a society that is not known for tolerance.


I'd rather live in a world with dogs than one with radicalized islam.


Unbelievable! That's all we're going to say - unbelievable!


Your last line cracked me right up. Perfect!

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