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Diane Metheny

That video brought a smile to my face and tears to my eyes. Thanks for sharing. Diane


Fantastic, I can't believe I wasn't aware of this before. Thank goodness Robby didn't die in vain. It's just too bad the government couldn't be more generous considering how many lives these incredible dogs have saved. Dogs that didn't really have a choice to begin with.

Thanks for bringing this up. I have some research to do now.


I'm furry impressed with his restraint with that evil monster!

Thanks fur sharing this!



That was really sweet.

georgia little pea

unfortunately i cant see the vid tonight (on iphone). looks cute. will try tomorrow.

just wanted to say that it's sad to read about the war dogs. and heartening to know that things are changing for them. would anyone really have considered it a waste of funds to return and comfortably retire these animals that helped in the war effort? hard to believe anyone would have begrudged them that.

thanks for sharing the story.


I didn't know this. What a great story and I love the video.

Peggy Frezon @Peggy's Pet Place

What a heatfelt and appropriate post for this weekend. Thank you!

Lori @ According to Gus

That video is great! We just read an article about the military dogs and how they were euthanized until 2000, awful. Thank goodness for someone like Robby's handler.


That video is so cute. The little kittens meow! I was worried it wasn't going to end well...

Pup Fan

Really wonderful video!


Is anyone familiar with the process on how a former handler adopts his working dog? I’ve read the laws that state that the former handler has first dibs on the dog; however, I have not been able to find any information on how the process works. My friend just got back from Afghanistan a few months ago and is racking his brain trying to get in contact with people to figure out where his dog is and how he can get her. Anyone ever go through this that could offer any insight?

help these dogs

not true......i work for the dod with these mwds. its a not true statement. these dogs can still be euthanized for no good reason. it depends on who and how the adoption coordinators proceed w certain dogs. yes, some dogs do turn out to be too aggressive and are euthanized because it failed it tests. but, there are some dogs that have a chance. don't get me wrong, there should be a list for retired mwds or mwds that were rejected and didnt pass its training. it all depends which base you decide to get a dog from. if lists arent updated, then what do you think is happening to the dogs? they arent getting out there to be saved. they are stuck in a kennel till they decide to update a list, euthanize it, or goes to law enforcement. dont let it fool you. i suggest if you want to adopt, save a mwd. they are so beautiful and saved/trained so many people.

Royal Canin Coupons

It is a beautiful video. Now we know that dog's are not just man's best friends but they can take care of other animals as well.

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