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It made our staff cry. She said it was because she is grateful for the people and dogs in the military who protect our freedom.


We did our transport in honour of The K9 Angels today -

I also have another link on mine you might want to chekhk - after midnight of khourse -

BTW, where are the khats?

PeeEssWoo: I'm going to share THIS on mine via WOO!

Stumpy and me

Beautifully done! Thanks for sharing this tribute!

Stumpy and her bean

buy a dog house

thanks a lot for sharing, very moving video.


Thanks for sharing. I had a K9 SAR (Search And Rescue Dog) that passed away a few years ago after 20 live finds for missing or trapped people. Lost my life to an extent when she died (due to a brain aneurism). Miss her VERY much!



Very impressive action to celebrate the heroic contribution of our dearly canine in saving and protecting the public. Very well appreciated their contribution isn't it?


Thank you so very much for this heroic contribution of our dearly beloved furry friends!




Lord Muck

Who is "America's Poodle" I hear you ask!

Why its the United Kingdom of coarse. ;)

A once proud and mighty empire, but now the 51st state of the U.S.A

The unfortunate runt of its litter, but then beggers can't be choosers can they.

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of the U.K, feel free to follow Americas_Poodle on Twitter.


Brought to you by England's most distinguished noble men,

The Rt Hon, Lord Muck, O.B.E - D.S.O - M.B.E - K.G

An old friend and adviser to the Royal Family, who taught Prince Charles

The ways of this murky and disgusting world ;)


It is great to know that these dogs are getting new homes. I just wish the government would treat our two and four legged heros better.

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