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georgia little pea

Just read that link you provided. While I know of PETA and am quite familiar with their shock value ads, I never knew of their policy with pets. This is quite bizarre considering their stand on fur and meat eating. Based on your post, if they have ethical issues with killing flies (truly?), it does seem beyond hypocritical. Some buddhists like Jains refrain from killing even tiny insects. I applaud their stand and know how far they go to live this life. I always thought PETA a good cause. I'm now both glad I know more about them, and also a little disillusioned.

Thanks Jan.


We can't stand PETA! Thanks for posting this.


Georgia, it's not hypocritical when you realize that they see animals who live as 'slaves' to humans as our pets, as being tortured by that existence. They believe they are doing 'mercy killings'. They are sick, twisted people.

BabyRocketDog & Hootie

Well, I've always thought PETA to be a mess of wackos, but I didn't know about this before. (I was a vegetarian for almost 40 years but never forced it on others...now they just call me a picky eater.) Thanks for the info.
Cassie, BRD and Hootie's human


Thanks for telling us so much about PETA - we would not have been aware of them here in Ireland so much! Horrendous stuff!


Many of us have known for years that PETA has never really been about "ethical" anything.

At this point, we should conclude that PETA is primarily about the ego-driven need of its leaders to get attention, at any cost. Newkirk in particularly is clearly some kind of psychotic


Speaking of free advertising, I think I'll get some. I have some land for sale in southern Florida, it's a great place for your pets. Just send me your money.

"When you're up to your ass in alligators, it is hard to remember that your original intention is to drain the swamp"

Karen Friesecke

Terrierman recently brought some interesting proposed changes to how Canadian Animal Charities are defined. It has the HSUS and PETA crapping in their pants since the law *might* be considered south of the border. The most interesting points..

3. To be charitable, the benefit to humans must always take precedence over any benefit to animals. If a purpose or activity that promotes the welfare of animals harms humans, or has a real potential to cause significant harm to humans, it is likely not charitable.

4. Organizations with one or more political purposes, as well as those with political activities that exceed the legal restrictions, are not eligible for charitable registration.

you can read the entire proposal here


It's hard to believe that an organization like HSUS whose major activity is political lobbying can continue to be thought of as a "charity."


Another of PETA's stunts is to go to dog shows and release dogs when the owners are away in the ring showing other dogs.

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