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georgia little pea

That's a dog with no vertigo problems! I saw a picture of another dog like that on the Draw A Dog site. They cartoonised it as well :)


Babs cat Tina is a roofer..she loves getting up on the roof and staring down at everyone.
dexter is to fat to get on the roof.

the 4Bs

that's cute!


Very funny! I grew up near Greeley (in Windsor, CO) and lived in Greeley for a year.


A perching pooch. That is so funny. Usually one sees cats on a roof, but dogs... not so much.

Jeff "dogtrainer" Simmons

That's so funny. I actually had a client who was a roofer and his dog learned to climb a ladder on his own. He would climb the ladder and sit on roof with the workers. I think there is a video someone on the web of it.


I saw this on our local news! They don't live far from Terry's sister! Cool dog!


georgia little pea

I just came back to check it YOUR dog was photoshopped. Though of course, there really are dogs on roofs and I WASNT TRICKED. Just in case I was :p


Oh, I'm so glad my dogs haven't thought of this yet.

Richard Boles

All I can say is... wroof guard! I know, that was corny, but can you blame me? Anyway, the question of whether it was photoshopped or not has forgotten an important question to ask first... Was there any possible way for that dog to go up that roof? You know, could there be some ledges that the dog can climb to get to the roof?

Rodney Orton

LOL. That's really cool. I think that dog has a fascination with the roof. Couldn't blame him, when I was I kid I like climbing on our roof and staying there just watching the sunset. One thing is sure, that's one brave pooch, haha.

Nuri Rossignol

Your dog seems to be enjoying its task! Haha! He looks so alert and omnipotent while sitting on your roof! If I'd be your neighbor, I'd be taking pictures of it, too, 'coz it's kinda rare to find animals on the roof, especially a huge dog like that!

How to Relieve Stress

That's hilarious. I would definitely stop to take an extra look, if not a picture if I drove by this house and daw Dubi on the roof.

Emma Messner

he seems to supervised the cleaning process of his owners1 :D Cool dog! :)

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