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That is sad on so many levels.

Stumpy and cyndi

And she can't even blame spellcheck!

No wonder our kids' can't read and write.


Unions our my cup of tea? OMG. It's a wonder kids can read a fast food menu!!

Rober Lordis

I hope her students see this and give her all sorts of crap for it.


With this kind of teaching, I'm not sure the students would notice. :-)


I think the point is that her Union has kept her in her job. Had she been subject to reviews that really count she probably wouldn't have a job as a teacher.


I guess not..........



holy fuckme

Dr. Liz

Oy. My Mom was a school teacher for 35+ years before she had to retire for health reasons. I'm guaranteeing you that she would whack this woman with her cane and then take a red pencil to her sign and make the appropriate corrections. :-)

Foley Monster and Pocket

Oh my gosh. Sometimes when you are with a group of people protesting sometimes you need to look around and decide if you're on the right side.


I remember years ago when some teachers were striking (in Texas, I think) one was interviewed on the news and the questioner asked her if she wasn't damaging children's education. She answered, "Sometimes it is important to look after we teachers first."

Same problem here in England, by the way. In the private school I paid good money for, my daughter's teacher told a group of parents gathered to hear about arrangements for the new school year, "Most lessons will be taken by Karen and I". I saw the headmaster wince.

Lori @ According to Gus

I guess she was born with the math gene instead of the spelling gene.

Mel Freer

LOL! Given that the Huffington Post had a whole slew of pictures showing misspelled words on signs from the Tea Party Rally in D.C. last year, I guess turnaround is fair play. this must mean it's not just the Tea Partiers that are bad spellers after all.


lol. How can you misspell that? And you're a teacher?

dog training ebook

I guess she was just too lazy to correct it.


What a maroon! Overpaid union hack...

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