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A 200-lb Mastiff? That's a lotta belly to rub. :-D

Jenny Logan

How fortunate that a child didn't fall into the hole. Of course most children don't weigh that much but still.


Lovely to read about such a happy and successful rescue!

Life With Dogs

Watching that video was something this weekend - I made my wife drop what she was doing to watch that big boy hauled out of the ground. What a site!


I was 2 for 2
I love good doggie stories.


What an amazing story - I must admit I have a particular soft spot for Mastiffs and any huge dog really ... I always enjoy your happy stories! :)


Great news that he was rescued
200lb??? Wait till I go to my conversion program...

90kg good grief what a massive dog he weighs 20kg more than I do.


I'm glad it turned out well for all. I laughed when I read that the firefighter was armed... with a chicken breast. I'm sure Cedric is getting lots of treats.

Anne Gibert

I love your animal rescue posts. They always cheer my day. I am giving Cedric virtual pats.


I'm glad Cedric is okay. He is huge, isn't he. Your picks sounded like my college bowl picks. Not a good year.

gus, louie and callie

We are so happy that Cedric was rescued and is safe. Poor pup reminds us of Mango..
As for the Pack us cheeseheads sure hope the winning continues..

Big Sloppy Kisses
Gus, Louie and Callie


I'm not pikhturing The RH doing this one!

He might send in his brother Pea The Labradork!

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