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And Hitler had a soft spot in his heart for German Shepherds...


yeh, I'm tired of wimpy politically correct types too.


I love to see my dad soften when the poodle comes into the room. Bends down picks him up and gives him a chin chuck and cuddle.

Lori @ According to Gus

Cute doggers will do that to people! Make them melt!

Karen Friesecke

I think that Vlad is *yummy* and his love of animals just adds to it :)


I can't get used to the idea of men walking around with a tiny poodle on a lead...

Shirtless in Siberia - really?


I love that last picture! Totally cute :)


we have the same taste in world leaders.

Dennis the Vizsla

That doesn't look like Putin's happy face in that poodle picture. Oh, wait, my bad, yes it does.


He's just winning the world - one pet at a time.


I also like that I'm feeding your addiction..

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